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I haven't posted here in a while. I've been busy. Drove out to Illinois to spend time with my boyfriend. I had a great time. It was a nice getaway from family as well. The only downside was when I had a rude awakening one morning thanks to the loveliness of being a chick. Also, that night he made me watch a scary movie. Well, it was more like gory. Afterwards, I practically demanded that he put in Howl's Moving Castle. He didn't protest. He ended up falling asleep during it, but it was like, one in the morning, so I don't blame him.

But I tell you, driving five hours sucks. Luckily I get to see him next month at Anime Milwaukee.

Speaking of! Turns out not only will Todd Haberkorn be there, but Chris Cason and Ian Sinclair! The voice actors for Italy, Holy Rome, and Romano? Oh, I'll have a heart attack. I mean, I already met Cason, but still! Oh it'll be an amazing convention! I just have to wait about fifteen/sixteen days. I hope my new Italy wig comes in then. It'd be nice to have a wig that looks better than my original one. It's too dark of a brown. Would suit a Romano better. At least I have my contacts so I won't be blue-eyed again.

College is going decent? I dropped my Philosophy course. It made no sense. The textbook said something about how we know rocks exist, because there isn't a Mad Scientist brainwashing us into believing that rocks don't exist. I went to that class two times before I dropped it. Now I have a really cool English class, which is Intro to Film. The professor already likes me. I think it's because I know what Doctor Horrible's Sing-a-Long Blog is. Our first assignment is to watch the film, "Rubber". That Killer Tire movie. I'm going to enjoy this.

I'll probably be playing my XBox later. I depleted its memory by downloading Sonic Adventure 2, but it's worth it. Beat the game in less than a day, but all the extra stuff I still have to do. I love raising Chao in the game too. I named my two Feli and Monika. Go figure, right? When they become adults, I'm having them breed.

I have some RPGs that I should play, but I really want to get past this level in the worst Sonic the Hedgehog game ever, which is Sonic the Hedgehog '06. The storyline is decent, but the game was rushed for Sonic's 15th anniversary, so the game is insanely glitchy, which makes levels sometimes impossible to beat. The loading screens are everywhere and take too long. Also, the voice actors are the ones they used in the show, Sonic X. Voice actors that came from 4Kids. Dan Green. He does two voices in that game and it's insanely obvious. Thank goodness they got rid of them all. Eggman's voice is still the same, but he's really good at portraying Eggman. I still wish that Ryan Drummond voiced Sonic. Oh, his voice was perfect. Roger Craig Smith is good, but he still needs time to get used to the voice. I'm glad Jason Griffith is gone. He did Sonic and Shadow, and it was just, just no.

Oh, and some of the dialogue that's said is just too funny. Sonic tells the player that a fire tornado is carrying a car, as cars are spit out at him. Oh, and isn't it obvious that I used to be a Sonic fanartist? Damn, that Sonic doodle turned out nice.

Well, I talk too much about Sonic. Nothing really interesting has happened.

Oh, and college campus people, when I was told that there are art opportunities for non art majors, I didn't think that would mean doodling in class all the time because all the art classes that I want are only for art majors! Would it kill you guys to add art as a minor? I just want to take an art class.

I'll just wait for Chalkfest in the summer to do my next big art project then. Maybe this year it won't rain.
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Tomorrow's the big day. I'll be driving by myself to Iowa/Illinois all by myself. Five hours. Alone. I've never drove that far in general, let alone on my own! I'll be visiting my boyfriend for the weekend, which I'm looking forward to. Even the fact that I get to meet his family...At least they have Boxer puppies! His family wants to meet me. His siblings want to meet the only person who ever beat him in the mini-games in Pokemon Stadium. I will be bringing a little white tiger stuffed animal (I named her Nicola) with me so I don't feel alone. I might bring another stuffed tiger that's bigger and I can put in the passenger's seat.

So many tigers. I wonder what my favorite animal could be?

So at work today, it was...okay? I was happy to learn that Cherry Pies have returned! Now I have to feed my addiction because they're so good. Also, some customer asked me if our fries were "hot, fresh and crispy". I was kind of a smartie, didn't know what to say at first, but said, "They always are". The co-worker next to me lost it. We were the only ones that really found it funny.

I went to visit my dad after work tonight. It was rather quiet, but we're quiet people when it's just us. We looked at the route from Illinois to Wisconsin for when I come home. Talked about how things have been. We watched my sister's kitten bury her head in my shoes. I should have recorded it. The video might have gotten popular on Youtube. It was nice to spend time with him, even if it wasn't for long.

So for Christmas, my mother got me Season two of Hetalia, because that was one I lacked. The DVD case seemed odd at first. After deciding to watch it, I found out why it was different. It was a UK DVD. I couldn't play it in any of our DVD players. So to pass the region code, I backed up the DVD on my laptop and burned it to a blank disc. Stupid burning program messed up the DVD, and there was little to none for audio. Then I found out I could change the region on Windows Media player, so if I ever want to watch it, I'll watch it on my computer. Not complaining. At least it works.

As for drawing things, I have say...two pages of random doodles? One is really random while the other is like, practicing drawing heads. Most of them have no real reason why I did the doodles. Although I'm quite fond of drawing the Space Core from Portal 2. Honestly, I could draw the cores from those games all day. They're just circles, but funny!

All and all, things are looking good for me.
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Okay so in all honesty I have no clue what to write.

Um, um, um, oh! Today I felt depressed. Like, really bad.

Ever since my parents divorced in August, the relationship with my father has gotten worse than it already was. I hardly talk to him, and when I do, it's awkward. Usually the only time he talks to me is on Facebook, and it's about what I want for my birthday. It's always the same answer too. "I don't know." I told him during Christmas that I wanted art supplies. Got like, three sketchbooks. Not complaining or anything, don't get me wrong. According to my family, I'm the only one with "talent" for art. I don't even consider it talent. But maybe I'll see if I can get a Prismacolor Marker set from him. Or maybe even Copics.

Aside from the whole birthday thing, my father and I don't see eye-to-eye. Sadly, the times I talk to him is when my sixteen-year-old sister goes out of control and starts saying nasty things to our mother. Nastier than the things I've been told on Tumblr. Getting off topic again. I know my dad wants to have a better relationship with me. He takes me out to lunch every now-and-then, and he tends to listen to me babble on about whatever goes on in my life. Mostly conventions, cosplaying and whatever. But he never really tells me what goes on in his life. I never knew he had a girlfriend, yet my sister did. I didn't even know he was with three other women before this girlfriend. I heard that from my mother.

I think that's what caused me to get into a depressive state tonight. That, and I had the sudden depression that I felt like an absolute nobody everywhere I go. Real life, or Internet, I am a nobody. I don't know if it's because of my lack in self-confidence, or my shyness.

I broke down in front of my mother today. It wasn't a terrible break down. It only lasted a couple minutes. I was able to cheer up thanks to playing Spades with my boyfriend, roleplaying with this really awesome person I found on Omegle about a week ago, and listening to this Hetalia Character Song on repeat.

I'd also like to say that I really do love my mother. She's really amazing, and she's going through a lot of crap that she doesn't need. Best part is, is that she supports me. A few days ago, she was convincing me to go to an anime convention in March! I'm considering it because LittleKuriboh will be there.

I've been thinking about my drawings again. I've been sketching, but not actually coloring or inking or whatnot. I was drawing a picture to get me excited to write this fanfiction, when I noticed that my sketchlines for humans and animals are strikingly different. Here's this human with all these circles and guides and everything imaginable. Here's this animal with like, three circles and sketch lines that look like chicken scratch. Guess what? The animal looks 100 times better than the human.

Plus, I might change my style. Again. Oh well! Experimenting is fun!
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After settling in on my couch-bed, my mother suddenly came home and woke me up at two-thirty in the morning to send me to my actual bed. Oh, I wasn't happy. My sleeping habits are terrible, and waking me up is something that shouldn't be done. I'm actually pretty cranky in the morning if woken up before nine. I needed my sleep that night anyway because I had to get up at eight to get ready for my work shift that started at nine.

Speaking of work, does nobody in this area realize that McDonald's stops serving breakfast at 10:30? Jeez. I had some guy come in my Drive Thru lane order a TON of breakfast just as soon as we had pulled the items from our cabinets. I even told him we were limited of items. It came to the point where we started not even checking to see if we had the items still. It's like, if you're going to order breakfast, and a lot of it, then order it during breakfast hours! Oh yeah, and someone at 11:30 asked for two breakfast burritos. I knew when breakfast would end at McDonald's since I was a kid! I just don't get it. Funny thing is that months ago, I've had people ask for breakfast at 3:30 PM, and 7:45 PM. At least I was let go early again.

I went to eat with my mother and her boyfriend for lunch. I met his son, and was reintroduced to his daughter. They're both nice. Went to a restaurant that I've never been to. It had Mexican-styled food. Normally I just go to burger joints or Asian restaurants, so this was different. It was good nonetheless, but four hours later, my stomach's growling.

I'm still being lazy as usual. It's come to the point where I'm too lazy to even turn on my XBox to play a game. I've been playing Bejeweled on Facebook. And if you ask me, that's kind of pathetic.

I've also been thinking of my New Years Resolution. It's to not be as shy as I normally am. It's because of my shyness that I miss out on amazing opportunities. Heck, last May, I went to my first Anime Convention. My favorite fanartist, who has been an inspiration for me had an art table there. I even drew something for her. It took my best friend to drag me to the table, and even then I still hid behind her back. When it comes to people I've met online, you would not believe how shy I am to actually start a conversation, even if I know they like me! I meet my boyfriend's family this upcoming weekend, so I'll try to be as social as I can. I hope it goes well.
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More and more I find myself alone. It's not that I don't mind at all. I've got my music, video games, and I even acquired Netflix recently. But still, it's a shame to be alone. My mother is usually out with her boyfriend, my boyfriend lives five hours away, and when I'm not working, my friends are and vice versa. Sure, I have a few number of friends I talk to online, but recently I've been striving for physical contact. I can't help human nature.

The only time I really go out of the house on my own is to go to work. I'd like to quit my job soon, but I want to make sure I have another job secured before I even think about putting in a three week notice. You know, unless you have worked in fast food before, you might not realize how much crap they deal with when it comes to customers.

Because of my mom spending the night at her boyfriend's place more often, I've been put in charge of taking care of our blind dog. I don't mind at all, but the thing is that our basement is blocked off from her (That's where the cat food is, and she tends to eat it), and that's where my bedroom is. I'm not comfortable sleeping in my mother's bed for odd reasons, so I sleep on the couch. It's like my bed now, which is kind of sad. It's almost as if every other night I get to sleep in my bed. Couch, bed, couch, bed. I hope this pattern ends once school starts again.

I feel like I should draw, but I'm lacking any motivation to get off the couch in the first place. My beat up sketchbook (beat up because of a mental breakdown I had yesterday) is in my room, and I don't want to get up.

I've practically done nothing all day except lie around and roleplay.

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Well, this is my first entry. I thought this could be something I might find useful at some point in time. I don't know that many people who are on here though. I'll figure that out later.

Anyway, I'm Morgan, I'm eighteen, and I don't really know what else to say. This will most likely be used for my random thoughts and whatnot, but they tend to be in depth. Most might be related to the life of hell that is art, and the beautiful world of Hetalia.

Since I don't have any thoughts right now, this post will be short.


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