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I haven't posted here in a while. I've been busy. Drove out to Illinois to spend time with my boyfriend. I had a great time. It was a nice getaway from family as well. The only downside was when I had a rude awakening one morning thanks to the loveliness of being a chick. Also, that night he made me watch a scary movie. Well, it was more like gory. Afterwards, I practically demanded that he put in Howl's Moving Castle. He didn't protest. He ended up falling asleep during it, but it was like, one in the morning, so I don't blame him.

But I tell you, driving five hours sucks. Luckily I get to see him next month at Anime Milwaukee.

Speaking of! Turns out not only will Todd Haberkorn be there, but Chris Cason and Ian Sinclair! The voice actors for Italy, Holy Rome, and Romano? Oh, I'll have a heart attack. I mean, I already met Cason, but still! Oh it'll be an amazing convention! I just have to wait about fifteen/sixteen days. I hope my new Italy wig comes in then. It'd be nice to have a wig that looks better than my original one. It's too dark of a brown. Would suit a Romano better. At least I have my contacts so I won't be blue-eyed again.

College is going decent? I dropped my Philosophy course. It made no sense. The textbook said something about how we know rocks exist, because there isn't a Mad Scientist brainwashing us into believing that rocks don't exist. I went to that class two times before I dropped it. Now I have a really cool English class, which is Intro to Film. The professor already likes me. I think it's because I know what Doctor Horrible's Sing-a-Long Blog is. Our first assignment is to watch the film, "Rubber". That Killer Tire movie. I'm going to enjoy this.

I'll probably be playing my XBox later. I depleted its memory by downloading Sonic Adventure 2, but it's worth it. Beat the game in less than a day, but all the extra stuff I still have to do. I love raising Chao in the game too. I named my two Feli and Monika. Go figure, right? When they become adults, I'm having them breed.

I have some RPGs that I should play, but I really want to get past this level in the worst Sonic the Hedgehog game ever, which is Sonic the Hedgehog '06. The storyline is decent, but the game was rushed for Sonic's 15th anniversary, so the game is insanely glitchy, which makes levels sometimes impossible to beat. The loading screens are everywhere and take too long. Also, the voice actors are the ones they used in the show, Sonic X. Voice actors that came from 4Kids. Dan Green. He does two voices in that game and it's insanely obvious. Thank goodness they got rid of them all. Eggman's voice is still the same, but he's really good at portraying Eggman. I still wish that Ryan Drummond voiced Sonic. Oh, his voice was perfect. Roger Craig Smith is good, but he still needs time to get used to the voice. I'm glad Jason Griffith is gone. He did Sonic and Shadow, and it was just, just no.

Oh, and some of the dialogue that's said is just too funny. Sonic tells the player that a fire tornado is carrying a car, as cars are spit out at him. Oh, and isn't it obvious that I used to be a Sonic fanartist? Damn, that Sonic doodle turned out nice.

Well, I talk too much about Sonic. Nothing really interesting has happened.

Oh, and college campus people, when I was told that there are art opportunities for non art majors, I didn't think that would mean doodling in class all the time because all the art classes that I want are only for art majors! Would it kill you guys to add art as a minor? I just want to take an art class.

I'll just wait for Chalkfest in the summer to do my next big art project then. Maybe this year it won't rain.
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